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Love Stories of Hawaii

Long Distance Love

A Love Which Had Not Even Start
Dedicated to My love one-Nelsis

Submitted by Anonymous

It was year 2006 when I first met him.He was in my class then.I start to know him more and more.

I wasn't sure if I really like him but Im worried that he would be snatch away by other girls when they talked to him.. And somehow or rather,I would get jealous..

We would quarrell sometimes but I still love him as much as before.

During lessons,he would take a glance and smiled at me,and I would always notice that.. Untill one day,something happened that cost me to hate him.

He actually beat me just because of a mistake that my friend did on him.. When I told him that I wasn't the one who did it,he did not believe me.I was disgust at that little trust he had for me..

I was heart-shattered.. I had never imagine that he would actually do that to me...

I did not talk to him for the rest of the day,but I would steal glances at him and I noticed that he still looks at me..

I was sad,wanted to cry.. I noticed that whenever I was alone,I would think of him.. Hoping that all this had never happened..

I know that I still love him as much as before...


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