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Love Stories of Hawaii

Long Distance Love

A Day
Dedicated to To Runaways

Submitted by JKat

I went out the other day and I saw everything that reminded me of you so I packed up all my things and caught a plane. When the plane landed I was in another life and I was someone new I could reinvent myself and that made me content for a while then I saw you again. You and your shiny, happy, smiling family and I don't know if you saw me or you were just ignoring me but now I see you in my new life and so I gathered all my things and caught another plane this time to Hawaii. It was the first the flight on the screen at the airport i know your 'other' doesn't like the sun, surf and sand so i am starting a new me and I am staying at this one. Where you cant be. In my little house with the waves crashing as I take long walks with my feet in the water and the sun so beautiful while setting and i don't think of you. You are not here and you don't live in my world anymore.

Goodbye Forever

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