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Love Stories of Hawaii


Waiting For You
Dedicated to Stephanie Taylor

Submitted by Anonymous

The early part of 2006 my wife passed away. We were so in love with each other and she was diagnosed with kidney failure some time right before we met. She had never seen the California So we married. During our time of dating she took pictures of every place we went and made a Scrap book for my memories. When she past it was the most difficult time in my life because we had to so many obstacles in our way and yet we knew that we only had a short time. I had always hope that she would get better and that God would extend her life to allow me to enjoy the precious gift that she gave me. She had always told me David if I should die go on with your life and don't worry about me. That was so difficult to do especially when I was so sad and had no that understood the pain that I have kept inside for so long until I met a wonderful woman named Stephanie. She has never been married and was coming out of an abusive relationship of 14 yrs and been single for five years which is the same time I met LaShelle my wife. We met at Starbucks and the cuties little thing I saw was this woman having coffee filled with so much carmel which I thought was so strange so we began to talk and from that day on we became best friends. Now I am so in love with her because she has help to deal with lost of LaShelle and made me smile again. I have asked her to marry me but I think she is afraid because of the past. Through everything I have been through I have learned so much about committment, faithfulness, and Compassion which is something I want to share with Stephanie Taylor for the rest of my life. I never knew that God would place a beautiful woman in my life that is so perfect for me. I never had to date any other woman. It took only one and that someone is Stephanie. Stephanie has accepted my proposal but now there is something more important to me and that is giving her the wedding of her dreams and the honeymoon of our lifetime which is Maui Hawaii. I just want to share some of the finer things in life with her to let her know that she is my world and I will always love her. She deserves the best

Love always

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