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Love Stories of Hawaii


My Soldier of mine..
Dedicated to Josh Hunt

Submitted by Rosina

Josh who is my husband and my forever hero and best friend. He got deployed from hawaii to iraq last year for a year and a half.writeing letters to one when he was there as he was able to call me onley so often to let me know he was ok. i felt lost when he was gone yet i knew if god was able to hear my prayers then he would bring him safely home.And after a year and a half he had return home from that long and scary deployment from iraq. Shortly after his return him and i had got married. With Him it was his first marriage myself it was my secound. With two kids from my first. Yet my husband at the age of 24 has taken so many responseabilty had took up one more. Of being a father fighure to my two boys and adopting them as his own. His friends all thought he was crazey, yet he thought it was the right thing to do.He did not agree to much with the war there was but knowing he was fighting for our country made it right.He knew he might be young and did not need to take the big task of comeing into this relationship,but he did because he felt the love conection between the two of us and my kids who now call him dad.

he is our hero

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