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Love Stories of Hawaii


My love for my soldier.
Dedicated to Josh Hunt

Submitted by Rosina

The love for my husband is deep more then words i can ever say of thanks. To me he is my hero in more ways then one.He not onley is in the army and just came home from iraq. But he has changed my life and has complete me.God has answer my prayers and has gave me someone who never judge me from the start. but help me in so many ways then one. A mother of two boys three and four a secound marriage for me as for my husband his first. A relationship he had came into with my two boys in my life from my first marriage. my kids dad who did not want to be the father firgure he should have been for my two kids. As he stayed in chicago. My little ones and i came back to hawaii here i found Mr right..My husband who he is to me now. He never asked me questions that had to deal with my first marriage. Instead he jumped into this relationship wanting to be there for my tow boys and he has been till this day with out any help from my once upon secound half. but he stands tall and proud like the soldier he is for our country and for his family. For that and many more reasons he is my hero and best friend.

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