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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Once In A Lifetime
Dedicated to Husband Ebon Banks

Submitted by Sheila

As I look back on that beautiful Island I have so many great memories. My husband, sister and I went to Hawaii for my brother's wedding: the plane ride alone was amazing for the fact I had never flown. The wedding was so beautiful, breath- taking actually: Ebon and I were married in Portland Oregon @ lakeside gardens, 2 years prior, we were so amazed to see such a beautiful garden as to where my brother and his beautiful bride to-be were to be married, as we walked down into the garden it reminded us both of our wedding day. Ebon and I were not able to have a honeymoon, so when this fabulous opportunity came, it was so unreal, really going to Hawaii for a special wedding and to celebrate the love and marriage between Ebon and myself. Ebon had a very amazing soul; we experienced almost everything this Island had to offer. We seen Pearl Harbor, went on a fabulous Dinner Cruise, we were able to rent a jeep to drive over to the North Shore so Ebon could play in the Ocean, we had never seen waves that big or so forceful, My husband was not a small man and to watch the waves cover his body and knock him over was very amazing. We went snorkeling, and yes Ebon got me to go parasailing, I am not much up for adventure but my husband brought out this other side of me and I trusted this man with my life. Being in the air 550 feet above the Ocean, only be held up there by a rope, I would have been completely terrified if Ebon was not right there holding me. Ebon and my sister (Brenda) rented mo-peds and Drove them around Waikiki on Halloween night 2005, definitely an experience of a lifetime. On our last night in Hawaii Ebon was determined to get the night light's of Oahu on our video camera, we drove almost to the top of a hill side, got out of the jeep and he walked right into a front yard, we heard some voices asking what we were doing in their yard, Ebon turned and apologized, told them how lucky they were to be able to have such a wonderful view of the most beautiful place on earth, after talking to them they asked where we were from, We told them Home of the Trail Blazer's, they started laughing and informed us they just moved to Oahu from Eugene Oregon, How amazing it is that you can travel almost all around the world and still meet people from your home town, we all had to laugh.. We returned home in November 2005, always talking and bragging about our trip. On February 10th 2006 I lost Ebon to a battle he had been trying to win for years, I can't explain to anyone the pain I feel on a day to day basis, this man was my heart and soul. True soul ~mates. My life I know is never going to be the same; nothing ever gets better it only changes. This timeless love I have for Ebon will always be carried in my heart. He was only 28 years old; you can only live for today because tomorrow may never come. A small comfort to close my eyes and even for a small second see, feel, and smell my husband on that beautiful Island is amazing. Once in a lifetime love, on a once in a lifetime Island. Thank you Oahu Hawaii for an amazing honeymoon and beautiful memories. From a wife that misses her husband so very much.

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