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Love Stories of Hawaii

First Love

Sweet Hawaii Boy
Dedicated to WWJake

Submitted by Anonymous

Kailua Beach, beautiful mesermerizing waves upon the crystal shoreline. How many blues can one behold in this idyllic scene. I can speak this now.Then, it was a day at the beach that all youngsters look forward to.

Red and white hibiscus bikini, fifties vintage

they call it now, Liberty House special, valuable as a collectors Hawaiiana memory. My memory though,is what I wore when I met YOU, and what you were wearing too. Cut off khakis,threads at the knee,sloping at the navel,(before it was cool to do so),tanned glistening skin, curly sunglazed browm hair, white strong teeth, lips that were full,and a curled up smile at the corners of your mouth. You and another friend were at the usual Kailua Beach hang out....waiting for girls to exit the restroom, while you acted so cool. Or tried to, anyway. I came out and our eyes met,locked,and we both were totally startled.

As it happenend then, and played over time in a million re-runs of the mind. we met "our first loves"and softly walked through the warm comforting sand, brushing slightly our hands against each other and then approaching my mother sunning on the beach to ask permission to go for a swim together. You smiled at her, and were so brave...her wide brim straw hat arching backwards to interview you, and without hesitation, she smiled and said,"Go,Go kids, go have fun!" I almost stopped breathing as that had never been the case before with my very proper and very British matriarch!

We walked at fast as we could past the fresh watercanal, over the dunes, and met the lapping waves in a synchronized burst of childlike fun, and swam without even telling each other,far out to sea, it seemed, to the bird laden little island know as Flat Island. Swiss family Robindson dreams came into my mind, stranded with this heroic boy that will build our home. We played in the shallows, burying our faces only letting our eyess meet. Time froze that eyescape in our minds forever. Your hands filtered through the sand beneath the waters and reached for mine, holding each others hands, fingers entwined , like little dancing crabs.Not a word said. Just those piercing green eyes, melting my soft brown eyes into the drifting, pulsating waters. I was only fourteen and a half, and you were about to become seventeen. Our love met then, and stayyed pure, innocent and exciting ever since. Our paths went to so many other ports of call, so to speak,the meetings during these times still sparked the endlessness of our first love, everything in life, of the heart, reminds us of each other. Now, in the winter time of our lives we still tell each other how we care, showing the necessary respect to the others around.We share pure and innocent loving memories of 1959, and beyond that have never been washed out to sea....My sweet Hawaii boy and me.

To you, sweetheart, the song melodiously chimes in my mind, "Aloha from the bottom of my heart."

For all the first loves who share these thoughts,I know you will never forget, it is not meant to happen like that...for all the first loves who are together. it was meant to happen like careful about letting go. My heart belongs to My Sweet Hawaii boy, and his;to me. The island dreams still haunt our restless. but polite souls,no matter where we are in place or time, we are in each others souls. I see through his glistening green eyes, he sees through my soulful soft brown eyes, we know each other well, no book needs to be written to confirm this love, yet people try, and I really do understand why they is a release, or the heart shall burst.So it is wintertime in our lives upon this earth...we both know, and vow into the eternity, knowing nothing dies in the winter in Hawaii, the waves kiss the shore. the tradewinds blow the fragrant flowers flow, the people with their beautiful spirit still linger at the sea...My Sweet Hawaii Boy and me.

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