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Love Stories of Hawaii

First Love

Love That Will Never Be
Dedicated to Laren

Submitted by Shryle

It was summer of 1992, i was young then. I met LAREN in the most unexpected way . We were not introduced but just by seeing him from afar, i got struck...he was then my crush. The crush feeling turnned into love as i live each day...that when he write the sweetest lovenotes and loveletters i got, i know it in my heart I LOVE HIM. We beacame lovers inspite of both parties' negative reactions with what we have.Loving him was the best feeling i got that time. Months after he went USA. It hurt me but its for our growth and future he said. We had wrote each other so often until one day things did not work well. I met one of his girlfriends here and i broke up with him then. It was the most painful feeling i got coz i love him so much.

After 14 long years, I met him again, very unexpectedly but situations are different. We are both married and happy with own partners.We talk a lot on the phone, until we end up having thesame feelings, we still love each other.Bad as it may, but we took our chance to let each other know we feel that way.What's painful is that we both realize thatb after 14 long years..I still love him so much , no matter how i tried to cover, hide and ignore it, it never fades.It's painful because the feelings is so pure, yet forbidden.We love each other but we must not, we cannot and we should not.

It is my prayer that GOD would help us handle the LOVE, and put things in order...

One thing for sure, we never liked still loving each other, we just felt it..

We never had the intentions cheating our partners...never ever! they are important as our lives...

We never shared any passionate moments together... in fact we are both trying to avoid it...

I never belived in was always choices..but this time I am giving a shot...


incase we got a chance to be in each other's life again...i wish we would not hurt anyone...we would be happy... and i wish... it would be in GOD's very perfect time..

He's the man I love, i am loving and I REALLY LOVE MOST......

I am sorry for the pain i am causing...I did not mean it..

I am ready to sacrifice this feeling for the goodness of my own husband and my son...

Though he's the man i love most...I am ready to forget him for them, for a happy family...

LAREN, i love u so much much that i would want to keep the feelings inside...even for a lifetime....

Bye bye hawaii!!!!

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