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Love Stories of Hawaii


Haiku Garden dream
Dedicated to Gianna, Natalia and bambinaCristina

Submitted by Christina

Fresh Air and the aroma of flowers surrounding me,giving me a sense of peace and tranquility. I remember taking a vacation to Hawaii with my family and visitng The Haiku Gardens. I thought that one day I would get married there.I was just a child with a fascinated mind, striving to find inner peace. We walked around the Haiku Gardens and stopped to see if my dad could recognize the names of the plants and flowers found there. He is a gardener and has studied Botany at City College in San Francisco and wanted to pass his knowledge unto us. I was always interested in what my father taught us and wanted to explore deeper. The Haiku gardens made me feel at ease for the time that I spent there. I planned out a whole scenario of what type of wedding I would have and the hope that it would come true. I Am still waiting for that glorius moment to occur. The memories that I have stored are that of the time that I spent visiting The Haiku Gardens of Hawaii. I still remember the name of the Gardens and want to return there one day. Hawaii is the one place that I fell in love w2ith the moment that I stepped of the plane and received my lei, made with fresh gardenias. I will never forget the beauty of the islands. I love each island for the different things they have to offer. Thankyou for letting me share one of my fondest memories as a child.

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