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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

The Detour
Dedicated to Bobby, my favorite "Superstar"

Submitted by Brenda

The detour became a habit over the last three years, but one day he stopped dead in his tracks. He'd parked his car down the block and walked to Planet Hollywood for a meeting. When he finished, he headed back to his car, passing the little hotel he hadn't set foot in for over three years. He had concocted many excuses to pass it in the last three years, slowly letting his eyes scan the courtyard area. Each time he felt let down because what, or rather, who he was looking for was nowhere to be found.

But that sunny afternoon in Hawaii, just as he rounded the corner from Planet Hollywood, all his excuses were validated when he saw her walking toward the beach. He knew it was her, even if her back was to him. His heart raced as he stood watching, gathering his thoughts, trying to decide what to do next. It seemed a lifetime ago when they had loved each other; he wanted to be really cautious and not make any mistakes if there was any hope of getting her back. He decided to take a chance as he watched her walk through the breeze way that leads to the beach. Using his cell phone, he called the hotel across the street and confirmed she was registered there. He was on cloud nine when he drove away.

He smiled when he wondered what she'd think when the flowers arrived. He sent her a gorgeous arrangement that afternoon, but did not sign the tiny little card wishing her a nice vacation. The next morning she was greeted with her favorite, a tuberose lei, also anonymously. The gifts continued - anonymously - the next few days, as did his detours past the little hotel. Just knowing she was there, the detours took on a whole new meaning.

Several nights later he was on stage, singing and playing his bass guitar, when a waitress handed him a note on a cocktail napkin saying "please sing Superstar." It wasn't signed. When he began to sing the old Carpenters' favorite, she emerged from the shadows. The look on her face told him all he needed to know. He continued singing as their eyes locked together while she walked slowly toward the small stage, a smile on her lips. Superstar had always been one of her favorites, and the words were perfect for the moment, "long ago and so far away, I fell in love with you, ...."

The sad song sounded like a page from their very own love story. At least their love story had been given a second chance, something both of them recognized. Walking hand in hand back to her little hotel later that night, he blushed when he told her of all the times he'd come by the hotel hoping to see her again. Tears of joy were glistening in her eyes when she went into his arms and kissed him, promising that detours were a thing of the past.

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