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Love Stories of Hawaii

First Love

My dreams came true!!!!
Dedicated to Jody Brown

Submitted by Ms

My entire life I always dreamed of finding the man of my dreams, falling in love, and the whole nine. For years I focused my mind, and heart elsewhere. So a man and love was the last thing on my mind. When I was 19 I thought I was in love. I met this guy and everything that I had wanted to hear he told me. After about 3 months into the relationship he proposed. I was so happy, but the only thing wrong with the picture is that I had to purchase the ring myself. I thought that it was normal, turned out not to be. Another month passed and I saw a person that I never wanted to meet. He scared me and treated me as is he didnt even know me. He ended up leaving me while I was at work one day and I never heard from him again. At that moment I put a guard up. I had had y heart opened up and smashed all in a course of 4 months. I did not even think of relationships anymore. I started working, and taking care of my disabled grandmother to keep my mind occupied. Years went by and started to feel lonely and wondering if God had someone for me. So I started to pray everyday that God would send me someone that he knows will love me, and honor me, and take care of me. I got onto a chat line and entered my profile. Every waking moment of the day I would check my email to see if someone had saw my profile and would be interested. I was very confused because for one I said I would never meet someone online and be able to have a real relationship with them because I felt as if I would not know them. BUt this particular day I checked my email, and there was this letter from a man. A man that said to me, that he was going through the exact same thing and that he was just wondering if God had placed someone out there for him. For some reason he felt that that person was me. He gave me his phone numbers and said that he would wait for my call. From that moment I began to cry, because I felt something in my heart telling me to call him at that moment. but I couldn't I was scared. I waited, and waited. Checking my emails everyday, and continuing to receive emails from this man, and learning how true, and godly he was. I broke down and called. As soon as he answered the phone he knew who I was. We talked and laughed for hours. A few weeks went by and we arranged a meeting. My mom went crazy she was very nervous and kind of upset. because she stated that I did not know anything about this man, and that he could be a serial killer. SHe was right he could have. But he wasn't every time I was about to do or say anything if I felt that something was fishy or I would get sick to my stomach then I would know that it was not for me and that something wrong would happen. But there was no moment at all that I felt any of this stuff. I knew in my heart and my soul that this was and is the man for me. Only a little while later passed, we dated and talked and spent as much time with one another as we could. And after him visiting me one weekned. He traveled back to his home. He called me about a week before my birthday (we have the same birthday as well) and told me that he had ordered him a watch at Kay jewelers in my home town, and him being an hour and a half away he could not get to it. So he asked me to go pick it up for him and that he would inform the workers that I was coming. I got there and low and behold it was an engagement ring. Imagine how excited I was in the jewelry store. Laughing, crying, hyperventilating. I was sot happy at that moment so I called him on his cell phone and said yes. Since that beautiful day. We have been engaged and now living together for the last seven months. I have been planning our wedding all by myself and I have no experience at all, I just buy books and go online alot and what I see I want. Our wedding is scheduled for August 12th this year, and I cant wait. The only other thing now is our honeymoon. When anyone ask me where would my dream vacation be? I always say Hawaii without hesitating. I love the scenery of Hawaii it is so beautiful and I would love to honeymoon there. But after us scrapping to pay for my dream wedding there isn't enough money to go to Hawaii. Besides my dream of finding true love, my other dream is to visit Hawaii before I am old and tied down with little children. You know the saying first comes love, second comes marriage, then comes me with a baby carriage. SO if you have it in your heart to allow someone that never wins anything and deserves so much happiness in life a wonderful trip to beautiful Hawaii I would be ever so grateful and blessed. Thank you for reading my story.

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