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Love Stories of Hawaii


That Special Something
Dedicated to my husband Richard

Submitted by Peggy

My husband and I first met each other in 1984 when he was a teacher at my business school and I was involved with some one else. Even then, there was just "something" about him that drew my attention. Over the next couple of years we would occasionally run into each other at the Mall and say hi. It was as if it had just been yesterday when we saw each other last. In the summer of 1988, I was no longer involved with anyone when we met again. I was still hurting from my breakup and wasn't really looking for romance. I saw him at a Disco and said hi then walked away figuring that was that. Next thing I knew he followed me to my table and stuck around. His big come-on line was; "You look pretty good for an old broad" - I was 28! It had been a very long day and I wasn't in the mood to socialize but I just couldn't get him to leave. Normally when an annoying guy asked for my number, I would give him a fake phone number. Not this time, I gave him my real number and he called me. We ended up talking for hours, but I still was not interested in dating anyone. It was almost 2 months later when he called again and asked me out for dinner. I went and that "something" kept me going out with him. We got married in 1992 and Hawaii was our honeymoon destination. We started on Oahu, then Maui and finished up on Kauai. The day we left Kauai, Hurricane Iniki hit. We didn't hear about it until noon the next day when we finally got home. We saw pictures of our hotel that made me cry. Most of the places we had been to in a happier time had been destroyed. It was awful, but it made us feel closer to each other. Now, every year around our anniversary, that urge to be in Hawaii hits us. We manage to wait it out for a year but then we find ourselves flying back there again. There's just "something" about Hawaii that keeps us coming back. With every visit, we wonder if we could stay and live there forever. We've been to the four major islands for a week each time - twice. There's always "something" that we missed seeing the last time. This last trip we took the ferry over to Molokai for the day. One day is just not enough on Molokai. It just wetted our appetite for more. Who knows…maybe next year.

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