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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

Our Real Life 'Wicker Park'....
Dedicated to My Real-life Heart-throb...

Submitted by Anonymous

I was out with a girlfriend on a Saturday night, April 17,2004. I noticed a tall someone approaching out of the corner of my eye and turned just as he reached me...something about those blue eyes...Andrew asked me to,slow,a connection not verbalized but definitely felt.

We went our separate ways at the end of the night,but not before his friend grabbed one of my business cards. Andrew called the numbers listed on the card and left messages at the time I got those,he had emailed me as well. A second email followed his...from a girl who sounded not just normal but even evoked sympathy from me,as she wrote about how she had been going through her husband's emails and found one to me…she "wasn't mad," just 'wondering' what was going on,if he was cheating on her. Not one to be drawn to drama,I wrote a simple note back saying honestly I had met him but hadn't seen him again,and certainly wouldn't given the new information.

I did not return his calls. He did not attempt to contact me again. That was it…

…or so I thought. I was at a Sports Bar w/my housemate on a Sunday afternoon right before Thanksgiving. We were only there for a drink,but as we were leaving we spotted a friend. As we talked,I saw someone there with him,tall,nice profile,beyond that nothing clicked…until "Hi Nicole"..I said hi...sensing my confusion he said "You don't know me do you?" "What's your name?" "Andrew" "Ohhh.." He has since described the look on my face as ‘priceless' as my mind raced back to that night in April of 2004,the tall marine,the blue eyes,the married guy…..

…turns out he wasn't married,never had been,wasn't even dating anyone at the time. His ex-girlfriend of 4 months before was apparently not ready to let go and had gone on a spree of telling people many falsities in the months that followed their break-up.

From that night we began talking for hours every night…that was his last week in a 6-month stint at Quantico…back home to Boston and then on to Cali for training…before heading to Iraq this coming March(2006). We spent much of Christmas vacation together,becoming best friends and falling in love all at once,and as we drove through the Adirondack mountains in NY from my parents' to his,he stopped the car by an icy river…as we looked out to the mountains,I felt him drop to one knee behind me…deep into the snow,and not a flinch as those gorgeous blue eyes looked up at me…Yes Andrew,after two years of being kept apart,I will marry you.

I am not bitter. We missed almost two years together,but we could not appreciate finding each other more without that near-miss. Andrew will be back from Iraq in September,and we will be married on July 7,2007,no matter who or what tries to stand in our way…Hawaii is our dream honeymoon to truly enjoy each other,to be away from the normal everyday life,and finally be JUST US.

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