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Love Stories of Hawaii


Dreams do come true..
Dedicated to B

Submitted by Pa

I had been looking for romantic stories about marriages In Hawaii. I only found stories about people that had given up other their trip for "other" prorities.
We too gave up our "honeymoon" to Hawaii.

What I do see is long lasting Marriages without having gone to the magical destionation.
Life progressing to higher levels when you gave up your vacation.

My husband and I, 17 years later still plan to going to Hawaii some day.
So many other things had been more important "Gods" will. I have been saving and saving to make this happen. Just a few dollars here and still making that leap of faith tiding beyond what I "think" I can to the church. God is good!

Lets Celebrate what we have received by not going to our magical destination. When we get to our God destined paradise nothing will compare. Hawaii is just a glimpse.

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