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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

The Love of My Life
Dedicated to Molly

Submitted by Rick

It was 11 years ago, the first day of college, my first class, she walked in the room. I almost could not catch my breath! What a stunning and beautiful young lady! There was more to what I saw than just the surface beauty, the moment I saw her and looked in her eyes and saw her big bright smile, something inside me stirred. I never believed in Love at first sight before I saw her, but it happened to me. I never approached her once, for fear that she might think I was secretly lusting for her. I communicated as a class clown, with a part of me hoping that she specifically, might find me humourous. Well I guess it worked! She asked me out for coffee and of course I declined. What was doing? I almost blew it. I still did not want to appear desperate so I declined. About a month or so later I started to show some interest in her as I got to know her better and I got the nerve up to ask her on a date. About eight months into our relationship, I asked her to marry me! I knew that she was the one from the moment I saw her. She accepted and we started making wedding plans. We considered getting married on a beach in Hawaii, but not all of our guests would be able to attend, so we got married in her home town. It's been 12 years and three children later and I still look at her eyes and her beautiful smile. I am still falling in Love with her every day. I have been given this gift from the good Lord! I am blessed!

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