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Love Stories of Hawaii


Time for Hawaii
Dedicated to Hawaii

Submitted by Richard

Jan and I half-stumbled, half-oozed down the walkway from the aircraft carrying us to Oahu from Houston. The awkwardness in our disembarking was due to our delight, awe-stricken delight, at finally arriving in Hawaii. We couldn't drink in this, our initial taste of America's paradise, quickly enough to, so we were as awkward as fawns learning to stand.

As expected, young island girls dropped lush garlands of tropical flowers past our ears and around our necks when we reached the tarmac.

Smack! Yes, that was expected, too.

"Darling, what shall we do first?" I asked her, my hand caressing hers in a non-stop but private display of affection.

"I say we check into our hotel right away," Jan offered, "and then checkinto one another."

Unable to restrain my fervor, I embraced Jan with all the fire we expected at our luau that very night.

But that would come later. In its own time.

We were now on Island Time. And it would be Our Time.

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