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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Dedicated to Husband

Submitted by Mattie

Every movie, tv program, book, etc talks to the Hawaii of exercise. Swim, Surf, walking, riding and most of all dancing the hula. I am in a wheelchair and have waited for 45 years to celebrate our wedding anniversary of all those years. Has Hawaii forgotten those of us who only can dream? Last year we finally had our long awaited trip to Hawaii and even though we could not participate in the active Hawaii, we found that our love was enriched and we are in more love than we thought we could ever be...
This year we are planning a short visit to Hawaii and because of all the expenses, we pray that we can enjoy our enriched love again once more.
Dress us up, place a lei around our necks and put us in the middle of a group of hula dancers and let our dreams continue..Aloha!

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