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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

Once Upon the Internet
Dedicated to Karen and Tim Stocke

Submitted by Janet

Once upon the internet, two souls met.

Karen told everyone she'd given up on love, though there was a secret part of her who still believed.

Tim's heart had almost broken, and now his body was failing him -- his world was worse than incomplete, it was falling apart.

Then...communication over invisible lines, a magical connection...two hearts found each other, two souls began to heal and to blend...two became one with thousands of keystrokes...heart strokes.

Karen believed this man -- this knight waiting in his wheeled chariot -- this man could hold her heart...if not in his hands, he could somehow keep it safe.

Tim believed this woman's love might be the only way to make his limited life worthwhile. And that's the miracle -- the limitless of their love served them both. She keeps him safe. He keeps her sound.

Karen and Tim, a fairytale come true, knowing the moment they have is the one to cherish, ignoring the end of the story fated to come too soon.

This story is true. Karen is my sister, and Tim is her amazing husband. Together they battle his MS every day. Please give them this vacation to Hawaii, the honeymoon they couldn't afford, but the one they deserve. Give them some time together in paradise.

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