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Love Stories of Hawaii


Dedicated to To my KC

Submitted by Anonymous

Ron opened his eyes and was immediately flooded with images and vivid colours that filled him with a sense of peace and awe. It was at that moment that she rose from beneath the gentle waves and he caught his breath.

He remembered something about this particular island being born of the union between a Goddess and a human man. He was sure he felt like that man of long ago. The surrounding paradise made him more strongly aware of what was sometimes obscured in the hectic pace of everyday life.

Her eyes were as clear and deep as the turquoise waters before them. They had always reminded him of this special place that they had never forgotten, the one that had made a home in their hearts Hawaii.

As she walked towards him, he pictured her from another time. It was here, in the throes of young love, that they had laughed like children as they shared fresh pineapple chunks with juice squirting down their hands and chins and cleaned each other's faces with tender kisses and napkins. It was here that the name of their future child came to them like a spirit on the breeze.

"Oh Ron," she sighed..

"I know."

"Could there be a place more beautiful than this in all the world?" She sat down beside him as he took her hand.

"Not for us," he replied with a grin. "We've got a lot of good memories here, don't we?"

"Why do you think our children sent us here for our anniversary of all places?"

"Could it be all those stories you told them about Hawaii and how I swept you off your feet? And then of course there's that Hawaiian adventure scrapbook beside our bed!"

"Well...I guess I've been hinting!" They both burst into laughter. "It's so hard to describe the feeling I get when we're here. No matter how many times we've come back, I just want more. It's like stepping back in time yet it's also filled with endless possibilities for the future. And I'm so blessed and thankful to share it with you my darling."

"You're such a little romantic Margaret."

"Well, you're never too old to be romantic! Besides, who was it that was determined to come to Waimanalo on this trip with a bottle of champagne and two glasses? And who was the one "

He bent down and happily kissed her on the mouth. It was here that they took time to honour more fully the love that existed between them. They enjoyed their memories and the prospect of making of new ones. This place was a gift they had given to themselves throughout the years and it always gave back so much more.

"You were just trying to shut me up weren't you?"

"I was actually agreeing with you."

She nodded and squeezed his hand with a knowing smile. He knew there was nowhere else he'd rather be, than with his very own Goddess in paradise.

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