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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Barefoot and Everything is Perfect
Dedicated to Joey

Submitted by Anonymous

Her skirt -- the long white one. He clacked the stack of pictures on the table to straighten them and put them back in the envelope. He had to find that skirt.

Two days, one closet, one trunk and four dresser drawers later, over breakfast he asked, "Honey, why don't you ever wear your white skirt?"

"It's February, dear."

"Well, maybe you could… you know, wear it in the house."

"I think I gave that one away."


She left for work and he headed to the mall.

White skirts? In February? Every last clerk was sorry, but they had no white skirts, not since summer, and some not even then. Come back in April.

By April, it will be too late to recreate our perfect vacation. The one we took ten long years ago. The beach, the sunsets, the air! Hawaiian air was different. And you know those pictures you see, of couples trailing along a beach, with a sunset and the woman is wearing a long white skirt, and they're barefoot and everything is perfect? That was them. All he needed now was to find the skirt.

He went to a fabric store. He bought a few yards of white fabric. He almost bought a sewing machine. He changed his mind and called his sister. She already had a sewing machine, and she knew how to use it. Her three year old answered the phone. "Mommy's inna baffoom." He waited on the phone. He drove to her house with the fabric and a nice crisp hundred dollar bill. He took the kids for lunch. The skirt was ready when he brought them home, all the greasier.

When he told his sister of his plan to sweep his wife away on a surprise trip, all she said was, "You're crazy, you know."

"You don't know the half of it. Our flight to Hawaii leaves in four hours. I gotta go home and pack!"

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