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Love Stories of Hawaii

First Love

Caged Love
Dedicated to Buster and Sweetie

Submitted by Anonymous

I am alone and ignored, going crazy behind bars. I dream about soaring over Hawaii's mountains, eating the lucious fruit straight from the trees, able to do whatever I liked when I liked. If only I was as strong as a Hawaiian god, I could bend back these bars and be free once more!

And my Sweetie, I dream of my Sweetie constantly. I saw her before I was imprisoned, and I have never forgotten her. I was instantly in love. Soft brown eyes and her gentle ways - how I ached for her!

Someone's coming, hold on! The doors are opening and they're taking me away! Where to?

This must be a dream!

"Hi Buster, welcome to Hawaii. I've rescued you from that awful tiny cage in the back of the pet store and I've taken you and another Macaw to Maui", said the man with the nice smile.

I can't believe it - its Sweetie! And I'm sitting on a perch in a beautiful lanai with this lovely little macaw sitting right next to me. Its true - dreams do come true in Hawaii where you really stretch your wings and be free with your loved one!

It's enough to make me cry (if I could), but instead I'll scream with happiness like only a Macaw could!

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