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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

You Look Familiar To Me
Dedicated to The man I hope to meet

Submitted by Rica

I'm not a young woman anymore. My life is filled with the mundane activities that everyone knows. I have a life,but it's not real exciting,until I'm asleep. Oh,then it's a different story. You see, I'm a believer,a believer in the eternal. Throughout my life,I've seen him,this man I'm talking about. He visits me in my dreams, He's a big tease. You see,he likes the way I look,that dark,sultry,sensuous look. He'd better hurry though,I won't be around forever,this time. Maybe I'll meet him next time. I keep meeting him in a vision,on an island. I know it's Hawaii,because he told me so. It's so beautiful there,hope I see him again soon,you see,I'm getting very tired,and I'm not a young woman anymore.

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