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Love Stories of Hawaii


From Dream to Reality
Dedicated to Lloyd and Juanita Smith

Submitted by Heather

My grandparents have never been materially rich. They worked hard to raise their five children. Grandma drove a school-bus, and Grandpa worked at a tree company before eventually retiring to become a full-time pastor.

What they lack in riches, they have more than made up for in love. Fifty-five years have now passed since they crossed the state line to become man and wife. This story centers on their fiftieth anniversary.

Grandpa served in the navy. He lied about his age and went into the service at the age of seventeen. His service ended before he was ever involved in any major conflicts. So I guess you could say his time of duty was pretty uneventful, but it did grant him the chance to see Hawaii.

From that point on, Grandpa always vowed that he would return to Hawaii. Once he married my Grandma, he swore he'd take her there one day. It was a "pipe dream" in those days. See, they started out in a one-bedroom home with no indoor plumbing. Then my father came along, and his four brothers and sisters came one by one after him. By the time they'd been married ten years they were working hard just to feed their family and teach them to be decent Christian people.

Hawaii seemed like a by-gone memory. Time passed by and the children grew up and had children of their own. Anniversary after anniversary passed with no Hawaiian getaway. After all, being a pastor of a small church doesn't bring in a huge paycheck.

When their fiftieth anniversary drew near, Grandpa's dream of taking Grandma to Hawaii came once again to light. We threw a bash for them, and everyone gave them money for the trip.

When they returned from the trip, Grandma said that Hawaii was as beautiful as Grandpa had always claimed. Grandpa said it was even more beautiful because Grandma had been there to share it with him.

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