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Love Stories of Hawaii


A Surprise Proposal
Dedicated to Ashley TItter

Submitted by Jeffrey

Ashley and I have always loved the outdoors. Some of the most significant events of our three-plus years together have happened outside. We enjoyed our first kiss at a riverwalk in Georgia. A few weeks later, for her birthday, I took her to a humongous field in the middle of the night to watch the Perseus Meteor Shower. We loved to picnic at a park in Media, Pennsylvania. Those times came to mind when it came time to propose.

It was August 7th, 2005. Having just attended my cousin's wedding, love was fresh in our hearts. Heading home from Ohio, we stopped at Ohiopyle State Park, just south of Pittsburgh. Concealing a small bulge in my pocket, I took her to three wooden decks that overlook the park's primary thirty-foot waterfall. Once there, I waited for just the right moment. And just before I had begun to lose hope, I saw my opportunity. An older couple walked on to the deck above us. I quickly said in excitement, "Hey I think I know him – wait here a second!" and hurried up the stairs. When I reached the couple, I whispered quickly, asking them to play along, then followed with an exuberant, "Hey! How's it going?!" The man thankfully played along. We exchanged spirited conversation for a minute or so until I lowered my voice again to explain that I was about to propose to my girlfriend. I asked if they would take a picture of us with the falls behind us, and then again when I dropped to a knee. They were overjoyed to help. After the first photo was snapped, I asked if we could take another, then added, "Hang on one moment…" I turned Ashley to face the falls, and asked to her look at the scene before us. I pointed to how the trees had grown to lean over the banks of the river, giving shade. I pointed to how the flow of the river had smoothed the surfaces of the rocks. I said, "This river has left its mark in this valley, and will flow for years to come." I then turned her towards me, and said I had a question to ask her. A look flashed across her face that I will never forget. I asked if she would flow her spirit through my life forever, and allow my spirit to flow through hers for just as long. Then, lowering to my knee, asked if she would marry me. Her small squeak resembled a "Yes." With ring on her finger, the hug was genuine and loving.

We will marry in the morning on October 1st of 2006, at the state park in Media. We would love to honeymoon in Hawaii. We've studied the culture and language of the Islands, and can't imagine a place that would match our love of nature. I myself am eager to enjoy the foods of Hawaii. I dream of laying together on a deserted beach at sunset, Husband and Wife.

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