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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

No time for sadness
Dedicated to Jim He's my world

Submitted by Anonymous

Everything was going wrong, Velvet didn't understand why. She had a heavy heart trying to get through the days of her life. Thinking that Jim knew nothing of her sadness because she tried to hide it so well, hiding the sadness of losing a child was just too difficult.

Jim was always their by her side, a wonderful man, a happy go lucky soul .He wanted Velvet, needing her gentle warm heart healed. He wanted to give her something she wouldn't or couldn't do herself; Jim planed a wonderful healing week. His did't wants her to know what he planned. A wonderful place Hawaii, where there was no time for sadness.

Jim rented one of the cottages at Gillian's Beach. A beautiful serene, world of its own in the blissfulness of Kauai. Velvet would love the beauty, a healing garden for her soul.

Velvet and Jim arrived on the beautiful island Kauai, Hawaii and she fell in love with Jim even more.How he knew just what she could ever hope for.

The warm breeze and the sun fell on her as she stepped outside with Jim by her side holding her hand. He planned everything perfectly it was living in paradise. They sat on the beach watching the ocean, the beauty of blue, the fragrance of the flowers all gently soothing to her heart. Even the songs the birds speaking to Velvet were magnificent, allowing her to heal.

They were alone in a world of beauty holding each other, there hearts entangled. Jim made love to Velvet with such tenderness, a great love surrounding both leaving them both in peaceful splendor. They layer in each other arms watching the sun go down speaking softly to each other not wanting to disturb the flawless beauty of the island.

Velvet opening her heart, letting out the grief and sorrow letting joy and happiness flow

back into her life. She will remember her child everyday never letting go that part of her live. Velvet's heart was healing contentment in her belief of faith. Jim bringing exuberance deep in our souls so there is no time for sadness.

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