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Love Stories of Hawaii


The Dream Vacation
Dedicated to My handsome hunk

Submitted by Patricia

The tropical sun bakes our bodies to a healthy brown as we lounge on our chairs and sip our umbrella-topped drinks. Not far away, the surf crashes on the shore, creating a relaxing lullaby. Above us, palm trees obligingly fan their leaves, keeping us from getting too hot from the sun.

In the beach lounger next to me, my handsome companion smiles indulgently. His rugged face comes closer, and those aqua blue eyes shine earnestly into mine. His sensuous lips part, and my breathing stills as I realize that his words are for me alone.

"Hey hon, where are my socks?"

I set my coffee mug down and go back to the bedroom to help him find the elusive sock drawer. It's only been there for twenty-five years. Later today, I'll have to start making plans for our next vacation. I know exactly where we should go. When we get to Hawaii, he won't need socks.

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