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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

One In A Million Love
Dedicated to Marshall

Submitted by Anonymous

My ultimate dream is to make a surprise announcement to my sweetheart Marshall that we are going to Hawaii for a romantic vacation of a lifetime. Hawaii is one place neither of us have ever had the opportunity to visit, and it's a dream escape out of all the beautiful locations on Earth. I found Marshall a few year's ago, and he's my absolute love of my life. We do everything together, and get along just like love birds. We've been the greatest pals since the day we first met, and have been inseparable. Hawaii is our paradise destination, and I can't wait for the day I tell him we are going to Hawaii for our most sought after vacation. We have always talked about Hawaii and relished the enormous breathtaking beauty we find on Internet Web sites and travel agency's over Hawaii. The only reason we've never been able to take a trip to Hawaii is, because of the extreme expense. To us Hawaii is like the lover's capital of the globe.

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