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Love Stories of Hawaii


Hawaiian Beauty
Dedicated to Roxanne

Submitted by John

It happened during the Hawaiian sunset on the first night of my vacation. I was so taken aback by the beauty of the setting sun that I held my breath, hoping it would last forever. That's when I noticed her, the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. She walked up to me, pointed across the ocean and said, "Hermoso."

The girl of my dreams wanted to talk to me, but we didn't speak the same language. I awkwardly tried to tell her that I didn't understand, but she kept staring across the ocean. She looked at me for a moment before she parted her lips in a smile and pulled a small book out of her bag. She opened up to a certain page and then handed it to me. She pointed over the ocean again towards the setting sun and said, "Nani, u'i, maika'i." The book was a traveler's guide to native Hawaiian. She said that the view was beautiful.

The next week was a blur of fun and relaxation, but I remember that my Hawaiian beauty was by my side the entire time. We did everything and nothing together. We took a helicopter ride to see the volcanoes and just sat staring out at the ocean and clouds. The most amazing thing was that we didn't even speak each other's language. We only spoke to each other in Hawaiian.

On the last night of our vacation we found ourselves in the same spot we met, staring into the same Hawaiian sunset. She pointed out and said, "Nani, u'i, maika'i."

"No," I took her hands, looked deep into her eyes and said, "Nani, u'i, maika'i." We leaned closer to each other and we kissed under the Hawaiian sunset.

I left Hawaii the next day and as my plane came out of the clouds and land appeared I heard my Hawaiian beauty wake up next to me. She slept the entire way home. The sunset stayed in Hawaii, but I brought the most beautiful part of my trip home.

As she woke up, I kissed her and said, "Nani, u'i, maika'i."

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