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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Hawaii Revived Our Romance
Dedicated to My wife

Submitted by Anonymous

Hawaii Revived Our Romance

The story started in 1984. After spending the summer helping on my family's South Dakota ranch, I returned for my second year of college. I had only enough money to pay tuition, so I needed a job. My skills were limited to those of a cowboy. A college instructor suggested I look for work at the local livestock sales barn.

As I was interviewing at the livestock barn, I noticed a beautiful young woman riding by on a horse. In the middle of my interview, I started asking the boss about that girl. I knew I had botched the interview, but all I cared about was meeting that cowgirl! Later I learned that the young lady wanted to meet me as well.

It was love at first sight! My new boss kindly hired me and introduced my future wife and I. From then on it was a whirl-wind romance. Even though we were both still struggling college students, we married within the year. We couldn't afford a honeymoon and finished our schooling on a shoestring budget.

We've now been married for 20 years. We're proud to own a modest home and have rewarding careers. Our marriage is stable, but we've always had to work hard to stay ahead. Our whirl-wind romance died down to a monotonous breeze with demands of everyday life. Fortunately, last summer we decided we would go to Hawaii. This trip was to be the honeymoon we never had. Because we didn't think we could ever afford to go back, we celebrated our 20th anniversary, our fortieth birthdays, our most recent career advancements, and everything else imaginable.

Hawaii was so beautiful! We spent a romantic week at a beach resort. We snorkeled in the crystal clear ocean with colorful fish, rays and turtles. We enjoyed beautiful sunsets by walking along the beach hand in hand. Hawaii's mountains were the prettiest we'd ever seen. Standing near the waterfalls was magnificent. Swimming in the fresh water pools was awesome. Coming from the plains of South Dakota, hiking through Hawaii's rain forests seemed like another world! While we were there, we constantly told each other how fortunate we were to be in this magical place together. It was the best time of our lives!

Even though we've been married for 20 years, our trip to Hawaii made us fall in love all over again. It revived that whirl-wind romance! My wife and I now spend many romantic evenings sharing memories of Hawaii. One of our favorites is that first aroma of ginger and flowers as we got off the plane. To recapture some of that experience, I recently ordered my wife a Hawaiian scents perfume collection. It arrived here on a cold, snowy day. She said it was one of the most romantic things I have ever done for her. But I don't want the romance to end there. Some day my wife and I will return to Hawaii and strengthen our love even more.

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