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Love Stories of Hawaii


United We Stand
Dedicated to Pam Fitzwater

Submitted by Jerry


It is all about the little things that hold us together. Looking at the big picture of Love is great, but what is it made of? Let me tell you about a few little love memories that make up our life. One of the simplest things is holding hands. Hold hands whenever you get a chance. Sitting in church, walking to the car or walking on the colorful beaches of Hawaii. The touch of the one that loves you has healing powers. The stress in your life washes away. It's like taking a romantic walk on the beaches of Maui and then having the waves comes in and washes your footprints away.

The first time Pam and I flew in an airplane, it was a very cloudy day. I will never forget the love memory I have when we got above the clouds and Pam said, "Look the sun is shinning up here." We both laughed for the sun is always shining. Just as my love for Pam is always shining.

Our youngest son was born 10 weeks early. The love memory here was standing by each other. Cry with each other. Support each other. Luke is health today. I thank God for having Luke in His hands.

One time we took a disposal camera and went to the park and took all the pictures just being silly and funny. With each picture the day was made complete. When I look back on these pictures, each one is a love memory.

With all these love memories, Pam and I stand united. Hawaii is the best place to keep the love memories strong. From sharing your pillow on the airplane to sharing your coconut waffles at the bottom of Mt. Haleakala.


Jerry Fitzwater

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