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Love Stories of Hawaii


Love ME
Dedicated to Kim

Submitted by Anonymous

My wife, Kim, is one of the greatest people you could ever meet. She is an inspiring teacher and my best friend. She tells the story of our first meeting a little differently than I do, but I assure you, this version is more accurate.

During my second year of college and Kim's first, I watched as she moved her belongings into the girls' dormitory all by herself. Looking back at it now, I would have offered to help but I was somewhat shy, so I just "watched." [Here is where Kim substitutes the word "watched" for "stalked."] I started "hanging-out" a little more in the hopes of meeting her. Eventually she learned my name, brought me chicken soup when I was sick, and married me in 1996. Of course not quite that quickly, but for length-sake, I had to improvise.

Our honeymoon was not quite the Hawaiian vacation Kim had been hoping for, though she never complained. We were still in school at the time and had no money to speak of so we had to settle on 2 nights of tent camping--one spent in my parents' yard because Kim was too afraid of bears and my back couldn't take another night sleeping in the car.

We both have become middle school teachers--a profession I would have never chosen on my own without her advice. There have been many great stories along the way and many more to come.

We still have no money to speak of and Hawaii still seems like a dream. Each year we talk about it and plan on saving for the following year. She enters contests like this in hopes of taking home large sums of money, automobiles, and vacations. I had planned on blowing this one off, hoping that she would forget, but no luck. Having completed the task, I now feel somewhat guilty about not embracing the opportunity to tell her how I feel about her.

We will be celebrating our 10th anniversary on June 1st...probably not in Hawaii, but celebrating, just the same.

Happy Valentine's Day, Kimi.


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