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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

Pele's Gift
Dedicated to Robert

Submitted by Anonymous

Maria hiked the volcanic terrain, remembering that last time she had been to Hawaii. Just 18, and deeply in love with a man her parents disapproved of, they had secretly traveled to the islands together for a glorious week long adventure in love. But her parents had found out, and ordered her to return to her small hometown in the Midwest. They had also forbidden her to see Julian again - under threat of disowning her completely.

"But I love him" she had cried to her parents, but they were deaf to her.

"But I love you!" she had cried to her lover, who had insist she return and not abandon her life and family for him.

"There is still time" he had whispered softly as he had kissed her on the slopes of this mountain she was hiking now. "I will meet you here again."

That was 10 years ago to this day, the day they had promised to meet again. Now 28, she doubted their teenage vows held any worth. He must surely now be married, with a family. And even if not, they were certainly different people now, with different desires.

But then, she asked herself, why was she hiking this mountain? Why did she travel thousands of miles to fulfill a promise certainly long forgotten?

Rounding a corner of the trail to the lookout, she saw a figure standing in the distance. And she knew it was Julian. Older, no doubt wiser, but still waiting for her. And then she knew why she was here again - because she had left her heart here in Hawaii.

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