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Love Stories of Hawaii


Spirit of Aloha
Dedicated to My Golden Knight, Jesse

Submitted by Kimberley

This was our time. Our chance to rekindle, renew and rejuvenate. After a busy day snorkeling, roaming through pineapple fields, and learning to surf on Waikiki Beach, he and I decided on a sunset stroll along the shore of this island known as "the gathering place," Oahu. We drifted hand-in-hand down the white sand in silence letting the ocean lap at our bare feet. What wonders would tomorrow bring?

An adventurous spirit overtook us. We found ourselves exploring the lush landscape and mist-shrouded rain forests of the "Valley Isle," Maui. While wandering the path through Ioa Valley, amidst the fragrant flowers and towering volcanic spires, he gently grasped my hand. As I paused to sample the surrounding beauty, he turned and kissed me. Taken by surprise, my head began to spin. Legends and traditions of the ancient Polynesian settlers flew through my mind. I felt transported back through time. Were we the only ones on this island?

Indulging in the spirit of aloha, we continued our journey to the "Garden Isle," Kauai. The warm and caring people of this oldest of islands, shared their rich cultural traditions and archaeological treasures. At a charming kauhale set amidst a beautiful emerald landscape, we were children again being taught our place in society. I learned to hula, make leis and prepare poi. He learned to fish, navigate the ocean's waters and prepare for the ‘aha ‘aina (luau). The palm trees swayed in the warm ocean breeze, making the tiki torches flutter. Throughout dinner, his eyes continually found mine bringing a blush to my sun-kissed cheeks; and a smile to his lips. Seduced by the intoxicating gardens, we slipped away after dinner for a moonlit rendezvous.

Upon sunrise, we flew over the turquoise waters and home of the most beautiful beaches in the world to "the Big Island," Hawaii. With a full day ahead of us, we decided to explore the sugar and coffee plantations making time to enjoy a relaxing pace of sun worship on the black sand beaches for early evening. Searching for a little more passion, we headed to Pele's sacred home. Does it get any hotter than the Kilauea Volcano? With its intense crimson lava flows and wind-swept caldera, one is humbled by Pele's beauty and power. We stood together on the edge looking into a sacred place and offered the fire goddess ‘ohelo berries; thanking her for this exquisite bounty of islands, hoping for a blessing. As we kissed, there was a loud rumble and a bell sounded in the distance.

I raise my head from his shoulder and look up into his eyes. Snuggled next to him in our cozy loveseat at home I ask, "Was it all a dream?"

He looks down at me and smiles lovingly, "No. It was paradise." Mahalo.

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