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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

The luckiest man alive
Dedicated to Trina Cherie (soon to be) Lee

Submitted by Chris

My story is too long to tell in full unfortunately so I will tell the condensed version. In June of 2004 I met my (now) girlfriend Trina, the moment I saw her I knew I loved her. Almost everyone in our area cuts through my street and she always did everyday and even my brother whom she went to school with for 8 years recognized her. One day she pulled over and we met. But when I told her I loved her after the 2nd day, of course she freaked out and I didn't see her again until a year and a half later. On the night of Oct 27th 2005 she showed up on my doorstep and she was very apologetic. I sat her down and told her it was my fault that I came on too strong and I scared her and I was the one to be sorry. We talked for 2 hours and decided we wanted another chance and to take it slow this time. I made sure she knew if I had one chance I would not disappoint her, I would prove to her that love isn't about abuse and hurt feelings. It is about happiness and comfort and I would take care of her till the day we were parted by death, and even then we would be together. It has been only 4 months and come August I will be asking her to be my wife. (Please don't tell!) She currently lives 1.1 miles away and for that year in between I stopped seeing her and it was torture. Now I follow her home every night she is over and she never lifts a finger, this is the way love is supposed to be. She is my Angel and my princess. I in all honesty ended up with my true love and not a day goes by that I don't tell her that and how beautiful and wonderful she is.She will be taken to Hawaii or wherever she wants go someday. I am so incredibly lucky, I believe that most people don't find their one person they are meant to be with. I don't tell her this in case something happens to me, I tell her because it is the truth and I WANT to tell her all of the time, but I don't have enough air in my lungs and there are other things to talk about. Even though she says I don't have to "prove myself" anymore I WANT to. I know that I am not a writer and this short piece could not possibly convey our story or my love for Trina but I still was happy to share. Thank you. ~Chris~

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