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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Next Year We'll Go To Hawaii
Dedicated to Brent

Submitted by Jamie

Peter and Olivia got married in her daddy's back yard well before most of the town's people thought they should and well after either of them thought they could continue to breathe without the other. They had just enough money to pay the preacher and spend a night in the Motel 6 up the road before they settled in to real life.

Just before they fell asleep that first night, Peter whispered in Olivia's ear, "Next year we'll go to Hawaii."

Next year came and with it a baby. As they smiled down on her scrunchy pink face, Peter kissed his wife's sweaty brow and teasing, whispered, "Next year we'll go to Hawaii."

It became their own private joke. When the car threw the transmission, when their son needed his own room, when Peter lost his job and when Olivia went back to college, they would shrug, share a secret smile and Peter would say, "Next year we'll go to Hawaii."

And when Olivia graduated college, a mere twenty-seven years after she quit to marry Peter, he packed their bags, booked their tickets and took her to Hawaii.

As they sat upon the beach, teased by the sweet smelling ocean breeze, and watched the sun set, Peter turned to Olivia and smirked. "Next Year…"

Olivia, sun-kissed and as beautiful as they day they were married, laughed and said, "I know, I know. Next year we'll go to Hawaii."

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