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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

Shirt Tale
Dedicated to My Wife, The Muu-Muu

Submitted by Darrell

I just hang here in darkness, gathering dust. Nothing to do all day but fondly recall our
beginnings together. I'm sad, knowing we'll never be reunited.

My wearer seems depressed, too. He only picks flannel nowadays, since the silk dresses and their wearer left. He needs a change.

This is new! I'm out, off my hanger, and being tried on! I fit him perfectly, and glimpsing my reflection I'm pleased to note that I haven't faded a bit. Wait, he's taking me off! Hey, I'm not used to being folded! What's this- Oh, a suitcase! Hurrah! We're going on vacation!

Getting unpacked was tough! I was all wrinkles until that tan uniform showed up with the steamer. I can finally get a look around, now. Our room has a breathtaking ocean view!

I'm in a hurry to get to the beach. It's been a long time since I've seen a swimsuit. After a
bit, we're off. In the brilliant tropical sunshine, I realize where we are and joy floods my threads. Hawaii! Land of my birth! Oh, if only you were here! Such fun we'd have, the
bright sun showing our vivid colors, the gentle breezes cooling us after getting splashed
with diamond-dappled saltwater.

The first beach is a wonderland of turquoise sea and singing sands. My wearer dallies
there a while, playing tag with the surf and relaxing.

Next my wearer shops Hilo Hattie's. I just about unravel! The place you and I started
.and the place we parted. I hope I get through this with my seams intact. Inside I behold
..The Great Shirt! In His gigantic presence I am humbled, and I know that He'd not be offended if I asked a boon.

"Please help me, O Greatest of Hawaiian Shirts", I implore, "reunite me with my lost true love!"

The Great Shirt simply looks down at me benevolently, remaining silent. Perhaps I was
greedy, surrounded by the most superb articles of Hawaiian clothing, and stubbornly insisting that I could only be happy with you.

My wearer picks up three shirts and turns to a salesperson to ask about finding a fitting

And there you are, the most beautiful Muu-Muu on Earth. Our patterns are identical, but I pale beside your fiery hues. You've been here all along, enhancing your wearer's beauty,
(captivating my wearer), and waiting for me to come home.

Your wearer laughs and touches my pocket, resting directly above my wearer's heart. Do I
dare hope a miracle might occur, that we won't be separated? Only time will tell...

Well, we're home, and you're still with me. Our wearers share a closet now, as the other closet is filled with the tiniest Hawaiian shirts I've ever seen.

I'm baffled, but you give me a knowing look. Slowly the truth dawns on me. "Oh, Honey", I exclaim, "Are we going to have..."

"Yes", you say. "Bibs!"

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