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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

Healing the soul
Dedicated to The B

Submitted by Tiffany

I first went to Hawaii in June of 2005 w/ my boyfriend. We had been together closing in on 5 years and have tried to get pregnant, but I had been unable to. Exacty 1 month after my amazing vacation w/ my love to Kauai I got pregnant w/ twins. I truly believe I was able to get pregnant due to the absolute peace & serenity that Hawaii gave me. Needless to say due to stresses I lost the twins & had major surgery to remove one of the babies from my overy, if that wasn't enough we broke up. After a few months me & my love reconciled and I booked a trip to Kauai - we just got back 2 days ago & I truly believe it has restored our hearts & pain. We stayed at the Cottages on the West side of the Island for 7 blessed, peaceful, lovely nights - learned about the amazing heritage & love the people in Kauai have. This may not be well written or mean a whole lot to you, but I believe w/ my whole body, heart & soul the Hawaii is sacred and has blessed me.

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