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Love Stories of Hawaii


Finding Time
Dedicated to My wonderful and patient husband

Submitted by Jennifer

My life is full of drama. Whether it be my son deciding to leap from a wobbly piece of lawn furniture to slam dunk a basketball into an invisible net and missing everything but the concrete below or a giant hole forming in our ceiling as the leaking pipe upstairs magically creates a rainforest in out kitchen downstairs, things around here are never dull. Speeding from the bus stop, to work, baseball games, chorus rehearsals and the occasional unscheduled emergency room visit, I have almost forgotten what my husband looks like. When my daughter asks "Where's Daddy?", I have to pause, think about it for a minute, and then just assume that he must be in the house somewhere. Maybe searching for glue to fix the last item the cats knocked over while the kids were chasing him around the house?

When I met my husband, a widower, and his two young children seven years ago, I knew it would be an exciting and eventful journey. Becoming an instant mom and trying to be a super wife all at once was a pretty tall order, but I loved them all so much that I was determined to make it work. Over the years, I have become a great mother and our kids are growing up to be really wonderful, caring and responsible people. The only problem is, my husband and I have sort of lost each other in the process.

Like I said, I know he's around here somewhere! He's such an amazing man and we have a lot of fun together, but these days we just can't seem to slow down long enough to be able to enjoy each others company. I feel it is time to take a deep breath, pause, and then run away from home as fast as we can!

We are planning our escape to the beautiful islands of Hawaii. I know that having time alone together surrounded by the wonders of nature will add some much needed romance to our relationship. I can not think of a better place than Hawaii to just relax and be together. It is time for us to remember what is really important. Life shouldn't be a race to the finish; it should be a leisurely walk on the beach, hand in hand with the people you love.

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