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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

Meant to Be
Dedicated to Nick Jones

Submitted by Anonymous

After thinking I knew what love was, meeting Nick made me realize I had no clue! I dated a guy, highschool sweetheart, for almost 7 years. My freshman year of college I had just had my heart broken and needed a date to my sorority's formal. One of my friends was dating Nick's best friend and somehow set me up with him. We had the best time of our lives! I never knew I could have so much fun with someone I had never met, a breath of fresh air! We stayed up all night and drank and talked until the sun came up, I didn't even mind that I had missed most of the formal. We both had a dream to go to Hawaii at some point in our lives, not that everyone doesn't have this but it was a long time goal in both of our lives. We continued to talk, always would flirt whenever we saw eachother. Sophomore year rolled around we ended up living right next door to each other in the same apartment complex. We both dated other people for about a year but each time we saw each other I always felt
a connection. To make a long story short, My junior year (his senior year) rolled around and we bumped into eachother at a party, both single at this point. And from then on when have been dating and I have been having the time of my life! We have one of the best relationships, and most fun out of anyone I know. Anyways it is a dream of both or ours to end up in Hawaii someday, together.

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