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Love Stories of Hawaii


Lessons of the Islands
Dedicated to Taking my best friend to Hawaii...

Submitted by Misty

While in Hawaii, a father was walking along the beach with his son and his dog. A large wave swept upon the shore and carried the small boy and the dog into the ocean. The father could see neither and dropped to his knees crying out to God. "Please God, return my son to me. I will do anything. I promise."

Noticing this tragedy, a Hawaiian gentleman approached the father and asked why he had not cried out for his dog too. "If you believe your prayer to be answered, why not ask for the dog's life too?"

The Hawaiian gentleman then pointed to the beach as another wave had washed the child and the dog ashore, unharmed.

The father ran to the child and dog and hugged them both tightly. He turned to the Hawaiian gentleman and smiled. He then looked towards the heavens, winked and said, "My son was wearing sunglasses too."

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