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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

My Soldier
Dedicated to Anthony Gonzales

Submitted by Leigh

We met in a place where neither one of us lived. I would have to say that this was fate. My sister, her husband and I were going out dancing for her birthday. She is quite the party girl! We have already been at "The Warehouse" in Raleigh, NC for a few hours and are tearing it up on the dance floor. I had already given my sister the cues to use if someone came up behind me to dance, thumbs up he looks ok, thumbs down no way! Well, Anthony got the thumbs up. After dancing for a while we went to the sidelines to chat. "I'm a soldier" he told me "Stationed at Fort Bragg." I lived in Charlotte at the time, which was a three hour drive from Fort Bragg. I let him know I was a single mother, but he wanted my phone number anyways. I gave it to him expecting never to hear from him again.

Anthony called me the very next day, and every day afterwards. We grew close by writing and talking on the phone, not your everyday relationship. Anthony deployed to Iraq for the first time on of all days…Valentine's Day 2003. I have to say this is when we fell in love. We were married within two months of his return. He was deployed to Iraq for the second time in August of 2003 and for the third time in December of 2005.

We have a love not many people have. We know each other better I think than most married couples. We talk on the phone, write letters and emails every day. He is my heart and soul and my very best friend. I was surprised to learn that we met on my Grandparents anniversary. They met in a very similar way, at a USO dance shortly before my Grandfather left for the war. They kept in touch the same way; by writing letters (of course they didn't have email back then). One cannot help thinking that this was also fate!

We have not spent much time together (physically anyways) and it would be great to surprise him with a trip to Hawaii. He is not only my husband and best friend, but he is also my hero and I can't think of a better reward for all the hardships that he faces.

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