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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

My Hawaii
Dedicated to Who else? MY own Hawaii!

Submitted by Anonymous

It was love- in all it's summer glory- it was Hawaii, lapping up the taste of summer sand between the toes with coconut, and pineapple essence floating on the breeze. At every corner- she caught his glance, the shops, the hotel, the elevator, even at the tiki bar as the dancers wiggled their shapely hips to the tune of Hawaiian nightlife- his dark hair shimmered in the moonlight- like Alaska's never-ending winter- there was no question, in her heart, this was the never-ending summer. It was summer in Hawaii. As he approached, she parted her lips- to take in a salty breathe, over her Pina Colada, still freezing itself on the outskirts of the glass- which to her heart, would melt at any moment as he moved closer to her.

She accepted his offer for a walk, unlike any other place- In the small and large Islands of Hawaii- a walk on the beach, is the world's equivalent of a first dance, date, or kiss… It's a moment, you never forget. As they walked, the morning came, giggling, kicking at the shores, making noises in the sand with their toes as they walked- somewhere in between this tall, handsome, dark-haired stranger- walked away with her heart.

This was the summer she'd look back on later- in her elder years, never forgetting the warmth of his deep bronze skin, the deepness of his eyes. She'd remember the ripples in his skin- as he wore official Hawaiian attire of as little as possible to be politely covered, without being completely savage.

Now, staring out the window of her hospital room- as she awaited the nurse, staring back at herself in her graying complexion, she whispered a silent prayer, before she had finished she heard what she was praying to hear… "Aloha, my love" he called, in the weakening voice of an aging man- completing a surgery. She admired him now- more than ever, "Aloha" she answered back, as tears welled in her cool blue eyes. And mentally, they danced on the shores of Hawaii, as he lay there holding her hand sleeping, with the warm sun- taunting them into living their days and nights forever together. Oh, no- she'd never get over her Hawaii. As long as they both shall live, and even when that time is gone- Hawaii, would forever live on, as long as love shall be, Hawaii shall be the moment.

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