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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

New Memories Can Be Made
Dedicated to Carl and Petra

Submitted by Claudia

My husband of twenty years, Carl, died after suffering for years from a degenerative illness. We were not blessed with children, although I always hoped we would be. After 3 long years of grieving and putting my life back together, I planned a trip to the very place Carl and I always longed to go- Hawaii.

I bid my friends goodbye as I boarded the plane. The trip was wonderful. Every one was cheerful and helpful. When I arrived in Hawaii I was greeted with sincere warmth and a beautiful lei of fragrant flowers.

After settling into my incredibly beautiful suite overlooking Waikiki, I sat on the silky floral bedspread and began crying. Overwhelming feelings of sadness and regret consumed me.

"Carl and I never made it to this paradise," I thought.

After several minutes I pulled myself together, changed into my swimsuit and headed to the beach.

The surfers were amazing, the playing children delightful and the sound of the waves crashing onto the shore totally relaxed my spirit. I basked in the warm sun for hours and soon felt wonderful.

That evening at a luau I dined on fabulous food and drink. While amazing native dancers performed, I spied a distinguished gentleman across the sand sitting alone and like me, thoroughly enjoying the evening. I became engrossed in the fire dancing and when I looked to where the gentleman sat, he was gone.

The next day I joined a hiking group at the base of Diamond Head. They were mostly couples except for me and the gentleman I saw at the luau the night before. He began to lead the group up a trail and they instinctively followed him, including myself. Soon we arrived at an unusual flowering plant. The man stopped and looked directly at me,

"Would you care to experience this scent?"

"I would," I replied as I leaned over the frilly pink and white bloom and inhaled deeply.

Our eyes met again and after several seconds I broke the gaze, embarrrassed. We began to talk that afternoon and I soon learned he too was widowed. His name was Ed and his late wife's name was Petra. This was Ed's second time in Hawaii and he volunteered to be my guide for the remaining week. The next week was fabulous; as we not only enjoyed the beauty and hospitality of the islands, but each other's companionship.

Ed and I parted as friends and he saw me onto the flight back home. I soon realized that Ed and I were more than a mere vacation romance. We had made a true connection. We met again and again and again until he proposed marriage and a wedding on Diamond Head. The sunset wedding was breathtaking and now Ed and I go back every five years to the place where we met.

Did I tell you that I gained a family with my marriage to Ed? Six step children and 10 grandchildren with two on the way.

Oh! Lucky me!

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