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Love Stories of Hawaii

Summer Romance

Ships Passing in the Night
Dedicated to All Summer Romances

Submitted by Anonymous

We met at the sat across from me. Your long blond hair was braided and hung over your shoulder. Your sparkling blue eyes held mine as we both reached for the same basket of plantain wrapped pork. You smiled at me and we started a conversation. We discovered that this was a first visit to Hawaii for both of us. You were there with girl friends....and I was there with my buddy.

We made arrangements to meet the next day....and had a wonderful time horseback riding together. You were full of adventure....willing to try anything. We really got to know each other as we meandered down the trails, side by side...talking and laughing. This vacation in Hawaii seemed magical to me. Had I met the girl of my dreams? I was willing to explore the possibility.

The days passed in a whirlwind of activity....swimming in the ocean.....sunbathing together..sharing our meals. We went on a romantic supper cruise. I'll never forget how beautiful you were standing at the rail of the ship with the balmy sea breeze blowing your golden hair. We danced all night....totally absorbed in each other. The food, the service, everything faded in the background as I fell deeper and deeper under your spell. Or was it the spell of the ambiance of Hawaii? All of my senses were heightened whenever I was with you.

The lush tropical surroundings of Hawaii were a like paradise background to our romance.

Then the vacation ended....we shared addresses and phone numbers...promised to keep in touch.

I was exhilarated and yet anxious. But the very first time I called you on the phone when we got back to the mainland.....I knew....that Hawaii was the beginning of our romance. We weren't ships passing in the night.

I haven't told you yet....but I fully intend to return to Hawaii with you some day soon...on our honeymoon.

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