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Love Stories of Hawaii

Long Distance Love

Magic Realized
Dedicated to Adam

Submitted by Shannondoah

Sitting upon the lanai, she watched the majesty that unfolded before her eyes. They widened a fraction at the pink hues of a rising sun over the verdant land and crystalline sea, a more breathtaking sight she had never seen making this oasis a more magical place than even the glossy pictures had led her to believe. The intoxicating fragrance of the island permeated the air, a heady mixture of salt and blossoms that flowered extravagantly on a land that seemed to snub its nose at the changing of the seasons. The string of islands offered refuge, release and a heavenly bounty to the weary and worn traveler in the vast expanse of the Pacific. So perfect in its nature that man could not possibly improve upon its beauty, but one man could, at least the man she had in mind. A balm fell over her, sinking into her bones, into her soul. She smiled. In less than an hour she would touch him again, smell him again and forever those senses would intermingle with the delightful ones th
island exuded in abundance.

It had been a year since she had last brushed her thumb across his temple, a year since she had felt him in her arms and his heartbeat beneath her outstretched palm, a year since they had parted ways at that train station in Sydney eyes full of tears and hearts full of promise. How had she, a sensible woman, fallen in love with a man that lived in another hemisphere? Was it his smile or the charming accent his land offered? It was both those things and more, more than she could ever put into words. It could only be expressed in the pounding of her heart and the light in her eyes when she gazed upon his words or the lullaby of his voice in her ear.

The airport held a tangible excitement, one of celebration and hope as his flight landed. Her heart drummed fitfully against her ribcage as she waited. A year of hopes and dreams finally coming to fruition, she watched him walk through the gate and joy shot through her limbs. Their steps hesitant at first, quickened as smiles stretched across their faces, arms stretched out and finally wrapped around one another. They had chosen well. This exotic island in the sea with its lush surroundings, a middle ground between his land and hers, perched in the Pacific like a jewel bright and shining. A smoldering love erupted just as the lava of Mount Kilauea thrust to the surface and waves clasped one another. Yes, this island was the perfect place to reignite a love born of fantasy, an offering of magical dreams realized. She would serve them well, Hawaii.

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