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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Dreams of Hawaii for Two
Dedicated to Everyone Who has a dream

Submitted by Sharon

Hawaii can be a state of mind. Ever since I was a little girl I dreamed of someday going there. My Barbies lived there, and I turned my parents backyard into a pretend "island paradise" for me and my dolls. Over the years I have read more books and watched more shows on Hawaii than you could ever imagine. Now I am 46 and just enjoy daydreaming about Hawaii! But now it is with my soulmate and wonderful husband of 27 years. I found out after I met him in 1976 that it is his dream too. We love anything to do with the islands and even our house is decorated in a Hawaiian theme! I have been working two jobs for 10 years trying to secretly save up enough money to surprise him with the trip of his dreams. I decided long ago that I would try to do that for him, to make his dream come true. A few years ago, when I thought I could really begin planning the surprise trip, I ended up needing emergency surgery and things began happening where I needed to use the funds. Anyway, we are very happy just to be together in our little "Hawaiian Bungalow"! I have realized that just having the charming Hawaiian state of mind and our love is the most romantic thing in the world! His love is Hawaii to me, a dream come true.

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