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Love Stories of Hawaii

First Love

Returned To My Childhood Sweetheart
Dedicated to Alfred D. Hebert

Submitted by Carolyn

My earliest memory of Alfred is watching him coach my brother with his batting. We played Red Rover, Blind Man's Bluff, Kick the Tin Can, and Hide and Seek in my front yard. Alfred remembers me riding him piggyback.

We were neighbors for five years in the early fifties until my family moved again. I missed Alfred. He was a senior; the most handsome guy on campus! During TWIRP week my sophomore year, I asked him out. Four days later we were going steady.

We drifted apart after he went off to college and I became involved in the Red Hussar Corps. He married somebody he met while working at the local swimming pool. I married a guy from the new neighborhood.

April of 2001, I moved to Honolulu and worked as a school nurse. A knee injury was why I moved back to Texas. A friend of mine convinced me to move back home. Within six weeks of my move, a classmate came to help me unpack. When I learned that she lived in Port Neches, I asked her, "Do you know Alfred Hebert?" She not only knew him, she lived four houses down from him! Their children grew up together. She said his wife had died. I said, "I'll give him time to grieve and then contact him."

I also told her that in late 2001, I called Alfred from Hawaii. I contact people when their name comes to my mind or I pray for them. Of course, I was curious if he were single again! Sadly he was still married but he remembered me and asked about my brother. Later I learned, although he was faithful to his wife, he often thought about me.

The end of July 2005, while addressing cards to friends in Hawaii, I found one that read, "Just Wanted You To Know." I used it to contact Alfred. On July 30th, he called me. He had been in Austin training for the Triathlon and had me on his mind! When he got home there was my card. He spent two hours reading love poems in my website. I learned he did underwater photography. That intrigued me since I was a photographer while in college. He invited me over for the next afternoon. We have been together every day since.

Alfred asked me if I thought I could live the rest of his retirement years with him. I said, "Yes!" He told me that my phone call to him from Hawaii stayed on his mind. A neighbor had tried to set him up with a friend of hers. He told her that he was working on it. In Alfred's own words to me, "I willed you back into my life. I waited for you."

Recently I found our Going Steady License and learned our first date was October 8, 1955. My brother said, "You two are a made for TV movie in the making." I'd rather honeymoon in Hawaii!

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