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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

A new chance at life
Dedicated to Christopher Ryan Akers

Submitted by Anonymous

I finally found the love of my life, after a loveless 8 year marriage. I never thought I'd find anyone to fill this void any my heart. I had given up all hope, then he came into my life so unexpectedly.

I had just been seperated from my husband for 3 years, and our divorce was finally final. It was a very abusive relationship and he intimidated me so much I was scared to try to find someone else.

I met Christopher on a Yahoo chat one evening and we became the best of friends. We met in person just a few short weeks of meeting online. We got along great. It was like I finally found my soul-mate.

We were living together, and had decided to get married when he was called into active duty. He is stationed in Hawaii and I haven't seen him in almost a year now. My heart aches to be reunited with my one true love. But I have 3 children and cannot afford the fare to fly to Hawaii to be with him. He is going to Iraq next year,and I can only pray for a miracle to get to see him again before he goes.

I miss you christopher!!

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