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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Romance Hawaiian Style
Dedicated to Rami Khoury

Submitted by Cyndi

I've traveled the world, seen many places but never felt at home in any of them until Hawaii. Upon arrival in Maui and check-in at the Grand Wailea we were greeted with beautiful lei's and a host of friendly people in the valley isle. Call me Miss Adventure armed with an adventurous spirit, my fun loving daughter and plenty of cash to make our stay in Hawaii an action packed week with no down time. Our first day was filled with sight-seeing, people watching, shopping at Maui Mall and checking out the local beaches. During some of the above activity my daughter noticed that I was getting lots of attention so she teased me saying, "the men in Hawaii sure do like you, maybe you should stay". Actually not a bad idea, but I remained focused and ready for our next adventure. We went to Makena and stopped at Red Sand Beach, I thought how romantic the color of love and we soon discovered a paradise of sandy beaches not just sugary white sand at Big Beach but mysterious black-sand beaches with water the color of turquoise in blissfully beautiful Hawaii. At this point I decided that this would be my number one choice of places to live and or retire and Hawaii is absolutely the most romantic place on earth. We had fun by the sea in Hawaii, making a splash in Maui dotting here, there and everywhere with no sense of time, lost in our very own paradise. My baby girl and I ended the day with spa treatments and then dining in Lahaina. Our second day was filled with a helicopter tour then coffee along Kehei Road where we ran into a guy that flirted with me the day before and of course my daughter played match maker but I declined. It was to soon after my divorce, I preferred to stay solo and just enjoy Hawaii. We had a glorious stay in Hawaii and I can honestly say I wanted to stay but it was back to the real world. Back home, same routine and a stop to a nearby convenience store; I met my one true love. Rami has filled my life with love, laughter, happiness, romance and joy and he continues to make each day a new beginning. Our love will last an eternity and my memories of Hawaii, the feelings that Hawaii evoked in me are the same that Rami evoke each day. Hawaii radiates Romance to me with beaches that dreams are made of, a tropical paradise filled with culture and many things to explore. I would like to give Rami a trip to Hawaii then surprise him with a wedding at Red Sand Beach. There is no better place than Hawaii to say I do to the man of my dreams then share the beauty of discovering more of Hawaii and all that this magical paradise has to offer.

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