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Love Stories of Hawaii


At Last My Love Has Come Along
Dedicated to To My Dear Husband, Peter

Submitted by Anonymous

My husband is currently serving in Iraq, and I dedicate our love story to all the soldiers whose love crosses the world this Valentine's Day.

At the end of my first date with a man named Peter, I heard a perfect stranger telling him "he had better marry that girl". The story goes like this....

I was asked out on during summer break by a man with whom I attended college. I was a nervous woman, but we had a fabulous time together in downtown Houston, Texas. Our night ranged from a Chinese restaurant for dinner, to St. Petes Dancing Marlin for strawberry cheesecake, until we arrived at a jazz cafe named the Red Cat Lounge. Peter had been a perfect gentleman all night, and I let him know I was ready to leave the jazz cafe as the night wore on. He kept stalling and saying that we would leave soon. After our agreed upon thirty minutes, I stood up and told Peter "Let's go". Well, that's when the lead singer of the band looked at me and said "You can't leave yet".

At that moment, the lead singer looked at me and said "This is for the woman with the beautiful green eyes" and began playing the song "At Last" by Etta James. Peter knew that was my favorite song and had apparently secretly requested it be played for me. He had never heard the song before, and did not even know it was a love song until he heard the chorus that night. "At Last My Love Has Come Along, My Lonely Days Are Over, and Life is Like a Song" is the chorus, and little did we both know that night the song actually had come true in the beginning of our love relationship.

At the end of the song, the lead singer turned to Peter and said "you better marry that girl". How pleased would that perfect stranger be to know that "At Last" was the first song that Peter and I danced to as a newlywed couple exactly two years later on May 29, 2005.

Since we have married, Peter and I have longed to visit Hawaii to celebrate our love and our marriage. The thought of lying on the beach at night, sipping margaritas while lying in a hammock, while feeling the ocean breeze on our faces is a dream. To walk along the beach at night, explore the lushness and the vegetation, and to experience the mystery of the island would be a priceless experience. I am planning on surprising my husband with a trip to Hawaii when he returns from his tour in Iraq. After being apart, I can't even envision the joy it would bring to be together in a fantasy land "at last".

This letter is a surprise to my husband, and I am actually going to use it as a Valentine's Day card to tell him what he has to look forward to with me upon his return.

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